What is the best time to contact you?

You can contact us at anytime via email enquiries@winchesterpilates.org. When we are teaching we aren’t able to answer the telephone and we like to be able to respond to enquiries on a personal basis.  If you would however prefer to call and speak to someone then please do leave a message on the Studio mobile 07891 509591. We will call you at our earliest opportunity.

What Pilates qualifications do your teachers have?

Our teachers have a foundation with Body Control Pilates and Pilates in Motion. As part of our ongoing development we are committed to undertake a minimum amount of Continuous Personal Development (CPD) each year, which isn’t a hardship as we all have a thirst for knowledge too. This can be with any Pilates training provider as well as Body Control Pilates and we have undertaken courses with all of the leaders in Pilates in the UK including Balanced Body, APPI, MBodies and Polestar.

What is the cost of a class?

Our classes are paid for in either 5 or 10 week blocks and these cost £67.50 or £135 respectively, payable directly to your teacher.  We operate a flexible system to cover missed classes, see below.

What happens if I miss a class?

Provided that you give notice to miss a mat class with a minimum of 2 hours before class, you will not forfeit the cost of that class.  If you give notice within that time but less than 7 days before the class you can make up that class in another of a similar level within 12 weeks of the missed class – this means you will do two classes in a week.  If you give more than 7 days notice then you can take a holiday (maximum 12 days in a full calendar year) which means your block payment extends to include the holiday “weeks”.  This will be explained fully to you when you start.

How do I start?

We ask all clients who are new to Pilates, or new to our Studio, to do an induction with us. For new clients this can be a small group induction programme of 3 x 60 minute sessions (maximum 6 clients), which are usually scheduled on Saturday mornings.  Alternatively, you can do 2 x 60 minute private sessions or if you want to start with a friend or relative then you could do 2 x 75 minute joint private sessions.  For clients who are experienced it will depend upon where they have previously trained, for how long and when did they last practice. Once you email us we will be able to suggest an induction programme based upon your previous experience.

Can I cancel my class membership at any time?

Once a client joins a class we assume they will continue until they give notice, paying in 5 or 10 weekly blocks.  As class payments are in 5 or 10 weekly blocks we would expect you to complete the block you are currently on unless in exceptional circumstances.

Do I need to provide anything?

We are a dedicated Pilates Studio and our mat rooms have a full range of small equipment for mat class work, so you need bring only yourself and a bottle of water.

What do I wear?

You need to be able to move comfortably – T-shirts, yoga pants, Lycra shorts, jogging bottoms, but no shoes, just socks or bare feet.  We recommend that you are able to layer up, or down, depending on your body temperature. Please be aware that some clothes i.e. jeans, cotton shirts and anything with buckles or belt loops aren’t appropriate as they do not allow for freedom of movement and lying on buckles and loops is uncomfortable.

Where is the Studio?

We do have a map that can show you our exact location (CLICK HERE) but often landmarks are easier to find. The Studio is located above Poundland in Middle Brook Street, directly opposite the Brooks Shopping Centre. Our entrance door is to the right of the Poundland store and you will be sent the door code to gain entry. All attendance is by appointment only.

If I only want to do machine work sessions (or Studio sessions as we call them) how do I start?

If you have experience of Pilates either mat or machine then we can discuss an induction with you that is appropriate to your level. If you are completely new to Pilates but would prefer to do machine rather than just mat work then you will still need to have an initial induction to mat work to begin to work with some of the basic Pilates principles and movements. Once the induction is complete, either small group or private sessions as above, we can discuss integrating you into the studio sessions.

Do you run classes for Children?

We have in the past tried to start up Pilates for children but finding a time around all of the afterschool activities that children have, meant there wasn’t an appropriate time we could run a class that suited everyone. We can however teach children as individuals on a private basis but do ask for a parent to be present up to the age of 16 years old and we prefer that young adults between 16 and 18 years old have a chaperone with them.

My childcare has let me down can my child come and watch the class?

In order to preserve the enjoyment of all of our clients we aren’t able to accept children watching in class. We do appreciate that this means you may not be able to attend and would ask you to let us know, as we may be able to offer you an alternative class if this happens.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

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