Pilates is a movement based therapy most commonly likened to Yoga and the Alexander technique. Pilates differs however by virtue of the concentrated mind and body connection, and is not meditative. The classical repertoire is still the same as Joseph Pilates taught over its 75 years of existence, however where it remained virtually exclusive to the privileged few, today it is more widely available through group matwork classes, private matwork and machine based movement, taught in dedicated Pilates studios. The classical mat, which is still being taught today, has been broken down into pre-pilates exercises that prepare the mind and body for the more challenging movements of the advanced classical mat repertoire.

Pilates is designed to work the body through alignment, to promote muscle balance and efficient muscle recruitment patterns, and is often employed on a remedial basis to counter our modern day posture and associated overuse conditions that can result in back or joint pain. The movements challenge co-ordination, improve strength, flexibility, mobility and promote postural awareness.

The Benefits of Pilates

Muscle tone
Joint mobility
Muscle strength
Respiratory system
Circulatory system
Lymphatic system
Immune system
Stress levels
Incidence of back pain
Incidence of headaches
(where posture based)
Risk of injury
Postural awareness
Balance and proprioception

It is always wise to consult your Doctor before embarking on a new exercise regime. Pilates can be practised during pregnancy and your instructor can advise you further.