There are three easy ways to get started: small group induction, private induction, brand new beginners class.

Small Group Mat Induction
Our small group Mat induction enables new or returning clients the opportunity to go over the basic Pilates principles, and to experience some of the fundamental movements that will form part of a regular practice, either in the Studio or at home. The small group inductions normally take place on Saturday mornings, and cost £25 for 60 minutes.

Each prospective client will be asked to complete the enrolment form before being offered a space, to ensure that a group induction is the best environment for them. The dates for these sessions are advertised on our website. These sessions will also be live-streamed via Zoom if any participants are required to self-isolate.

Private Induction
If you would like to know a little more about Pilates, but haven’t yet decided whether a mat, machine, or one to one approach is best for you, then you can simply arrange one private session with one of our teachers who will tailor an introduction to your needs, and schedule. The cost of a one to one session is £66.00.

If you would like a private induction to continue into a mat class you will be expected to attend two private sessions before filtering into a class of an appropriate level, unless you have recent previous experience of Pilates (last practised within 6 months), in which case one session may suffice.

The introductory discounted rate for two private sessions is £120 (representing £60 per session paid in advance).

Brand New Beginners Class
From time to time, and as our timetable continues to evolve, we are able to introduce a brand new beginners class where everyone joining starts from the very basics. Each prospective client is asked to complete the enrolment form to ensure that a mat class is the most appropriate option as a beginner before being accepted into class.

As our timetable is now well established these classes don’t come up that often, but as and when they do they will be advertised on our website.

Once a good basic understanding has developed then we can consider your goals and how best to achieve them. You may choose to remain in the same group class to practice regular movement with guidance and simply focus and fine tune your understanding, or by moving into a higher level group we can challenge your mind and body further whilst intensifying the pace, coordination and load. Alternatively you could join a Studio session where a combination of mat and machine work will build a deeper understanding of the function of your body in relation to load. Or we can simply work just with you on a private basis.