The broad answer is everyone, but in more detail: all age groups and fitness levels, men and women alike, mums to be, those recovering from illness and injury.

All age groups and fitness levels

Whether we are looking to understand what we have, balance our life, maintain or regain our bodies, Pilates can help. By connecting our movement through instruction and active thought, we build a better understanding of what we have and how best to preserve it on our journey through life. There is no prerequisite other than a willingness to take part and learn. Pilates as part of a way of life, incorporating cardiovascular exercise and good diet, promotes complete wellbeing.

Men and women alike

No, it isn’t just for women! Joseph Pilates developed his original repertoire of exercises, handed down through the generations, for both sexes. Whilst we may all learn in different ways, and be built in different shapes, we are fundamentally a human body with a brain. What makes us all unique is not simply what sex we are but how we think, feel, live and learn. Our approach for everyone is based on your needs as an individual, we assess what environment you learn best in, how best to communicate and educate you and we are guided by your progress, whether you are taking part in mat class, studio session or on a one to one basis. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits and so it is up to us to engage you, matching your understanding to the level of movement that your body is capable of.

Mums’ to be
We are privileged to have worked with many mums’ to be, some existing clients to Pilates, and some who come to us having discovered they are pregnant and have read about the benefits. We will discuss the stages of pregnancy with you, and based upon your wishes, will outline a programme that will take you through the pregnancy and beyond. As your pregnancy progresses your programme changes in tune with your body and takes you from the mat and classes where you still work as part of group, to the machines and studio sessions, where we begin to fine-tune your programme, right up to the big day itself! We are proud to have worked with many mums’ to be, and have many Pilates babies.

Mums and Babes

These classes are for post natal mums who want to take sometime out for themselves and their babies after giving birth, to work on building their body strength, mobility and flexibility.

No childcare? No problem! these classes are designed for you AND your baby so that they are accessible and beneficial for all new mums.

Enjoy an hour of pilates with other mums like you and Leave the session feeling positive in your body and mind.

Note: Babies must be ‘pre-walking’, but can be on the mat with you or in a suitable carrier/seat etc

Those recovering from illness or injury
Pilates has long been recognised as beneficial in the pathway to recovery by Practitioners. We work within the guidelines set out by your health professional to help you through the process of recovery. As the remit of health and body issues is so great we can’t give them all justice in the space of a website but we would encourage you to call us and arrange a time to talk us through your needs so that we establish the best way forward for you.